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About Us

St. Peter’s N.S., Snugboro is a co-educational primary school situated 2km from Castlebar in parish of Aglish.  The School is under Catholic Management and it both welcomes and appreciates the involvement and co-operation of the whole community i.e. pupils, staff, parish, Board of Management, Parents’ Association. Education in St Peter's is characterised by holistically meeting the needs of the individual child, delivering the curriculum in a well-structured environment in order to enrich the child and prepare him/her with a solid foundation for life.  This educational environment strives to be such that it stimulates and encourages the child to be a confident, appreciative, independent and creative active learner. A happy, secure atmosphere prevails in the school which enables the child to fulfil his/her highest academic capacity.
Children attend from the wider Snugboro area which is close on the outskirts of Castlebar.  Many of the children are third or fourth generation families to attend the school. There is also a multicultural aspect to the school as new families settle in the area.
The school in Snugboro is firmly rooted in the community and involvement with the various community groups are encouraged and nurtured. The school is the hub of this community where many of the past pupils have returned and settled and now have children attending the school.
The existing school building was built in 1986 as a four classroom school with a G.P. hall .It replaced the original school built in 1890 which is now a play- school and community centre.  Two pre-fabs were acquired in 1990. An extension in 1996 comprising of two classrooms was largely funded by local school-based fundraising. A further building programme was carried out in 2006 under the N.D.P. consisting of a sports hall, 3 classrooms, a staffroom and an administration area. The school has a staff of seventeen teachers, two full time S.N.A.’s,a part-time SNA, a secretary and a caretaker.

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