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Percent for Art Scheme

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This project was initiated at the inception of our building programme in 2006 under the Per Cent for Art scheme .  

A special thank you to  Artist Sally Mc Kenna and to  all our past pupils who were involved in the art work which led to the creation of the sculpture  pieces. Sally facilitated several art workshops which inspired the pupils and their work in turn provided Sally with  images, line and form and fed very much into her artistry.

“Public art creates a dialogue with a people a time and  a place . The best public art is informed by a knowledge of the needs & expectations of all involved.”
Public Art: General National Guidlines

There are five separate and distinct components to the  project :

This sculpture symbolises the sheltering yet nurturing relationship between adult and child, teacher and pupil.It explores the connection between individuals while acknowledging  seperateness, space and uniqueness.

Celtic Interlacing Arch
This sculpture symbolises and reflects the flora and fauna of the Snugboro area. These are interspersed with handprints from a child from each class symbolising the richness of the environment and the child’s appreciation and closeness to nature.

The three courtyards
The courtyards feature as an integral part of the school environment and the kites provide a defining aspect of these spaces.Each courtyard is  being developed as a garden.Thus this project will develop and be maintained as a living interactive space.

An Grianán:Gliondar
This  has been planted with willow which are being shaped to create tunnels which encircle the green and red kite.

An Clós: Spraoi
This cobblestone area is being developed as an out- door storytime space. The circular seating complements the circular window, the dias name plaque at the front of the schoool and the cobblestone at the main entrance.The focal point of the space is the navy and amber kite which reflect our schools colours.

An Gairdín:Sonas
The space here has been developed as a sensory garden.A raised  rectangular bed encloses the base of the yellow and purple kite.

Sincere thanks to Mr. Eamonn Shaughnessy and the  pupils  who are involved in  developing these garden areas.

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