St Peters NS Snugboro

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Opening Times

General Information

Arrival and Dispersal times for pupils:

School opens at 9:10am

School closes at 2:50pm

The Board of Management accepts NO responsibility for pupils outside of these times.

The school will open to receive pupils at 9.10 a.m. No responsibility is accepted for pupils who arrive before that time. Classes will commence at 9.20 a.m.

No pupils should arrive later than 9.10 a.m. Please collect pupils promptly when school finishes at 1.50p.m. /2.50p.m as the school cannot accept responsibility to look after children after these times. No responsibility is accepted for pupils who travel on the bus, i.e. arriving /being collected outside of the opening times of our school.

On arrival at school pupils will follow different coloured lines from different entrance points to their classrooms.
Entrance 1: Senior Infants,1st class and 1st/2nd class
Entrance 2: 2nd class,4th/5th class, Ms. T Shaw’s 3rd class
Entrance 3: 6th class,5th class,4th class
Entrance 4: Junior Infants, Junior& Senior Infants, 1st class
Entrance 5: pupils travelling from the Rathbawn side of school can enter through this gate if it is closer than Entrance 1/2/3/4.Pupils enter the yard and go immediately to the line that leads them to their classroom entrance.

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